HGDP-CEPH Human Genome Diversity Cell Line Panel

A resource of 1063 cultured lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCLs) from 1050 individuals in 52 world populations and corresponding milligram quantities of DNA is banked at the Foundation Jean Dausset-CEPH in Paris. These LCLs were collected from various laboratories by the Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP) and CEPH in order to provide unlimited supplies of DNA and RNA for studies of sequence diversity and history of modern human populations. Information for each LCL is limited to sex of the individual and population and geographic origin.
The table provides details of all the LCLs in the resource, uncorrected for duplicates (13 duplicate pairs), 2 genomically atypical samples, 13 pairs of duplicate LCLs and those from two genetically atypical individuals, and 96 pairs of close relatives (first and/or second degree relative pairs) LCLs for ("close") relative pairs. Sixteen LCLs differ in gender indicated on records and that determined by molecular typing. All samples used for this resource were collected with proper informed consent.

The DNAs have been distributed to 107 investigators (as of 1 December 2010) for genotyping and/or resequencing; the results are contributed to a central database. To date, the DNAs have been typed genome wide with almost 1 million SNPs, 843 microsatellites, and 51 small indel loci. Some 10,000 CNV calls from two different laboratories are included in the database. Nuclear and mitochondrial DNA regions have been resequenced. High throughput sequencing of entire HGDP-CEPH genomes and array captured targets is underway.

For more information contact , CEPH.


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