Geographic Origins

* LCL(s) with gender difference(s)

Geographic Origin Coordinates of Population sample No. LCLs No. Males
Central African Republic 4N, 17E Biaka Pygmy* relatives 36 33
Democratic Republic of Congo 1N, 29E Mbuti Pygmy* relatives 15 13
Senegal 12N, 12W Mandenka* relatives 24 16
Nigeria 6-10N, 2-8E Yoruba relatives 25 13
Namibia 21S, 20E San relatives 7 7
Kenya 3S, 37E Bantu NE (12) relatives 12 11
S. Africa Bantu S.E. 29S, 30E Bantu S.E. Pedi (1)
S. Africa Bantu S.E. 29S, 29E Bantu S.E. Sotho (1)
S. Africa Bantu S.E. 28S, 24E Bantu S.E. Tswana (2)
S. Africa Bantu S.E. 28S, 31E Bantu S.E. Zulu (1)
S. Africa Bantu S.W. 22S, 19E Bantu S.W. Herero (2)
S. Africa Bantu S.W. 19S, 18E Bantu S.W. Ovambo (1)
Bantu Speakers S. Africa88
Algeria (Mzab) 32N, 3E Mozabite relatives 30 20
Israel (Negev)31N, 35EBedouin* relatives4928
Israel (Carmel)32N, 35EDruze relatives4814
Israel (Central)32N, 35EPalestinian relatives5117
Pakistan30-31N, 66-67EBrahui2525
Pakistan30-31N, 66-67EBalochi relatives2525
Pakistan33-34N, 70EHazara relatives2525
Pakistan26N, 62-66EMakrani2520
Pakistan24-27N, 68-70ESindhi* relatives2521
Pakistan32-35N, 69-72EPathan2520
Pakistan35-37N, 71-72EKalash relatives2520
Pakistan36-37N, 73-75EBurusho2520
China26-39N, 108-120EHan*4524
China29N, 109ETujia (minority)109
China28N, 103EYizu (Yi) (minority)109
China28N, 109EMiaozu (Miao) (minority)107
China48-53N, 122-131EOroqen (minority)* relatives107
China48-49N, 124EDaur (minority)107
China48-49N, 118-120EMongola (minority)*107
China47-48N, 132-135EHezhen (minority)*107
China43-44N, 81-82EXibo (minority)98
China44N, 81EUygur (minority)108
China21N, 100EDai (minority)107
China22N, 100ELahu (minority) relatives107
China27N, 119EShe (minority)107
China26N, 100ENaxi (minority) relatives108
China36N, 101ETu (minority)107
Siberia62-64N, 129-130EYakut*2518
Japan38N, 138EJapanese*3123
Cambodia12N, 105ECambodian relatives116
NewGuinea4S, 143EPapuan*1713
Bougainville6S, 155ENAN Melanesian relatives228
France46N, 2EFrench (various regions) relatives2912
France43N, 0Basque2416
Italy40N, 9ESardinian2816
Italy46N, 10Efrom Bergamo149
Italy43N, 11ETuscan86
Orkney Islands59N, 3WOrcadian relatives167
Russia Caucasus44N, 39EAdygei177
Russia61N, 39-41ERussian2516
Mexico29N, 108WPima (relatives)2514
Mexico19N, 91WMaya (relatives)253
Colombia3N, 68WPiapoco and Curripaco* relatives135
Brazil10S, 63WKaritiana (relatives)2410
Brazil11S, 62WSurui (relatives)2111

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