QUICKMAP infoclone

Note to users :

most of the relevant information for YAC clones is available in NCBI's UniSTS database searching for clone names such as "220ze3" or "AFM220ze3".

The program performing searches in CEPH/Généthon database is infoclone, part of QUICKMAP, a compact database and navigation tool for the physical map of the human genome.

The infoclone program is the basic query on the database. It can be run from the command line using the command:

	infoclone argument

Enter argument:

where argument is:
- a YAC name in the format: 923_f_6 (plate#_rowletter_column#)
- an STS name in the format:
- standard AFM name: AFM220ze3 (short name not supported any more)
- D-number (if any): D2S160

YAC information retrieved:

- size(s) in kilobases
- FISH data (if available)
- STS(s) specific for this YAC and their chromosomal location
- Alu-PCR hybridization data

- YAC(s) and chromosome(s) hit when YAC was used as Alu-PCR probe :

    Alu-PCR probe(s) that hybridized to YAC.
    overlapping YAC(s) according to the fingerprint data

STS information retrieved:

- name and corresponding AFM or D-numbers
- genetic position -- given in the form: chromosome, position in Morgans between the marker and the most telomeric marker of the P arm. A question mark after chromosome or position indicates that location relative to Généthon 1993-1994 genetic map is not known.
- In the case of AFM markers of Généthon 1993-1994 genetic map, additional information is given:

- number of alleles
- heterozygosity
- reference alleles
- size of alleles
- sequence of primers